Aljira Emerge

Aljira Emerge is a strategic career management and exhibition program designed to provide artists with the resources to overcome obstacles, focus on goals, and move forward in their creative careers. Participants learn to challenge the assumptions about working artists that keep them from succeeding. Emerge addresses practical areas of concern to artists including curatorial practice, legal and financial issues, gallery representation, exhibitions, public art opportunities, and marketing. Emerge culminates with a group exhibition and fully illustrated catalog.

Since 1999, Aljira Emerge has supported emerging and mid-career artists living and working in and around the New Jersey/New York metropolitan region to organize, plan, and sustain their careers. Professional Development Workshops are led by seasoned artists and professional coaches—including past presenters Colleen Keegan, Ela Troyano, Tracie Morris, Matthew Geller, and Jeffrey Gibson—who guide artists in developing a personal strategic plan and managing a career as arts professionals.

"This workshop has given me the confidence and determination to work on bigger goals and to believe that it is possible to realize them. As a result of my first workshop I was able to buy my own living-working space in the city, get a considerable raise in my salary, and plan and create one of my most demanding projects. I was happy I was able to be a part of this experience. It will certainly continue to have an impact on my career," —Emerge 7 alumnus

"The most important thing for me about this workshop has been the combination of confidence, openness, and empathy from the workshop leaders. The atmosphere in the workshops as a result was very supportive, open, and safe, and made room for participants to share concerns, fears and obstacles that had been holding them back." —Emerge 7 alumnus

The program meets bi-weekly on Saturdays from April to June and alternates Professional Development Workshops at Aljira and Talks at off-site locations.

The application process is competitive and the class is limited to 22 artists. Please, see guidelines for eligibility and application process. If accepted to the program you will be asked to pay only 5% of the estimated cost of this program, or $350, as an investment in your career and a commitment to the program. We welcome all eligible artists to apply. Limited, additional need-based financial assistance is available.


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